Tackling Modern Slavery: Raising Awareness & Supporting Survivors

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    friday 22 September 19.15 to 21.30

    42 Acres Shoreditch | 66 Leonard St, London, EC2A 4LW

    Healthy Indian chef Mira Manek and inspirational yoga teacher Leila Sadeghee have joined up with Women for Change, an initiative that seeks to bring together leaders who want to make a positive social impact, to shine a light on a pressing and little-understood issue - Modern Slavery in the UK. All proceeds go to the Sophie Hayes Foundation.


    Panelists include:


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    "Giving is a social and cultural activity not merely a financial transaction. In giving to make a difference, I try to make it a committed act of love." - Dame Stephanie Shirley



    Women for Change brings together leaders who want to use their skills, resources and networks to make a positive social impact.


    The network inspires change by:

    • Unlocking potential for women in business to have a greater impact on the world on the basis of their interests, aspirations and motivations.
    • Facilitating partnerships between NGOs and women in business.
    • Encouraging thought leadership and enabling action through 'Pathways for Change'.

    Women for Change has grown significantly in its first year, hosting over 100 individuals from a variety of notable NGOs, businesses and the government. It has been hugely effective in facilitating discussion, collective learning and creating opportunities for collaboration through the Social Impact Breakfast Series.

  • After a successful 15 months, the Social Impact Breakfast Series established by Women for Change has now come to an end.

    Shiva Foundation and Women for Change are running a new enterprise in 2017. To see how you and your organisation can get involved, read our information pack.


    Are you a woman?

    Do you work in business?

    Are you interested in social change?

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