Our impact

    • Over 300 individuals have been reached through a combination of our events to date. 
    • 110 women have had the opportunity to participate in breakfast seminars and workshops on issues of Human Trafficking in the UK, Violence Against Women & Girls, and Driving Social Change in Businesses. 
    • 23 speakers have shared their experiences working to make a positive social impact in NGOs, at local authorities, within social enterprises, with the UK government and among local communities.

    Women for Change members have committed to investing their time and skills in a variety of ways, including:

    • Becoming board members at newly formed NGOs.
    • Mentoring survivors of trafficking.
    • Assisting with strategic planning of NGOs.
    • Establishing corporate support partnerships with NGOs.
    • Nominating a charity for corporate sponsorship.
    • Providing financial support.
    • Giving pro-bono and in kind assistance.
    • Providing meeting room spaces for events and training.
    • Becoming an advocate for an important cause.
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